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S.P.A.R.K. Your Sales!

You can’t afford to continue to be “busy” and not generating income to grow your business! Using the expertise of a sales support specialist gives you access to a huge range of sales tools that will help to promote your brand, reach out to larger communities of customers, and attract new business.

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“My mission is to help you create and develop the sales support system that allows you to generate income on a regular basis by performing precise and deliberate steps every day.” – Cindy Cavoto Cindy brings you a unique mix incorporating the following services: ~ Mindset practices to shift you from employee energy to business owner energy. ~ Harnessing the power of your business income with simple, easy-to-understand spreadsheets. ~ We will provide you with a #2CommaMomma Business Planner on steroids that will help you plan your long-range business goals and bring them into workable daily tasks to achieve results. ~ Time management skills and practical applications that will make your time more productive while allowing you to remain focused. Cynthia is a seasoned sales support specialist with the following credentials:

  • Speaker on using her S.P.A.R.K. Your Sales
  • Leader of seminars educating small businesses on the benefits of implementing a sales support system
  • Business/Marketing Degree from Post University

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