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Are you married to your inbox? Are your emails your “to-do” list?


It doesn’t have to be like this! When it comes to emails, here are a few tips to take back some time in your day:

  1. Plan a time to open your email browser. I personally like 3 times during the day: when I first sign on in the morning, about noon time, and before I leave the office for the day.
  2. When I go through my emails, if I see something that I don’t want to see, I automatically mark it as “Spam”. It only takes an extra second or two. If you do this consistently for a few weeks, your email volume will be much less.
  3. Create folders to keep your important emails organized. You can label the folders “Respond by EOW” or “Due by EOD”. This will help prioritize what you need to respond to immediately and what can wait.

By doing these few simple steps, you can add time back into your day. Keeping your emails organized and categorized is just an added benefit!