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These days, everybody has a website. But just carving out a piece of virtual real estate for your business isn’t enough – especially given the amount of competition. What you want – no, what you need is a website that not only attracts the right audience, but also effectively converts those visitors into inquiries, engagement, referrals and eventually paying customers. If your web presence isn’t quite living up to its potential, here are a few tactics you can try to help turn things around for the better.

Cater to your ideal market.

If your website content is geared toward the wrong audience, don’t expect it to produce much in the way of conversions. In order to make your site a lead-generating machine, you have to make sure it’s designed to cater to those you’re ultimately trying to reach. That includes content that resonates with your ideal customer and is compelling enough to get them to take action. Furthermore, segmenting and tailoring different areas of your site to micro-niche audiences can deliver a more personalized experience, which can also improve conversion rate.

Test and tweak to get it right.

Different page layouts and even different color schemes can have an impact on how well a website converts. As such, you should be routinely testing and tweaking your landing pages until they generate the results you’re after. Focus on measuring the most important conversion elements, including site engagement and bounce rate (i.e. how quickly visitors leave your site and why). Investing the time, money and energy into this step can ultimately win you a lot more revenue down the road.

Make it worth their while.

If you want your web visitors to hand over their contact information so that you can nurture them as leads, you have to give them ample reason to do so. In other words, make it worth their while by providing them with something valuable in return. For example, you could offer an instant coupon or a free download of an informative eBook. Figure out what types of things your audience values and then develop your conversion strategy around that.

Be compelling.

You should never just assume that your prospects will do what you want them to do, whether it’s to connect with you on social media, sign up for your monthly newsletter or make a purchase. That’s why calls to action are so important. Things like popup offers, welcome gates, signup forms and even “Buy Now” buttons provide direction to your visitors and gently guide them through the steps you want them to take. Adding a sense of urgency can further improve your CTA conversion rates.

Being present online is no longer enough to get people to do business with your company. To stand out in a sea of competition (often on a global scale) and make your investment worthwhile, you need a website that consistently generates leads. The four tips above should help you transform your company’s online presence into one that supports and improves your bottom line.

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